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The Amy Mohr Chronicles

      Book 1: The End of a Lie

Take a tour of Southern Africa where no one is simply who they claim to be! Amy Mohr is a physicist with spy craft as a sideline. Mike Stone is a former intelligence agent who now runs tours of Southern Africa. While undercover, Amy plays the role of a tourist whose mission begins as a search for a lost cousin, and evolves into a desperate effort to stop gun runners from wrecking havoc on a land already on the precipice of war.

Book 2: The Way to Varanasi

In the sequel to The End of a Lie, reality and myth blur  in exotic India – a land of extremes. Opulent monuments of the past centuries lie adjacent to slums teeming with the desperately poor. Ancient gods still travel the land along with tigers, elephants and the deadly cobra. Amy Mohr and her partner, Mike Stone, take on a mission to prevent  assassination from derailing an Into-African economic conference. They discover a land full of ancient  traditions and a spirituality that tests their very notions of reality.

     Book 3: I Have Become Death

Now at in both Kindle and Paperback editions!

Mike Stone is reported dead in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Amy Mohr heads to Egypt to deal with her grief and old enemies.  Going undercover for a mysterious woman known only as The Medusa, Amy explores the wonders of ancient Egypt while attempting to thwart a megalomaniac from using a weapon of mass destruction that threatens the Earth’s very existence.

If It’s Tuesday it Must Be Guatemala

Former homicide detective Joe DeFranco poses as an art dealer to hide his covert FBI mission to ferry out sources of bogus Pre-Colombian artifacts flooding the U.S. market. Two weeks of luxury cruising from Key West to Lima, Peru -that’s what Saint Morley University alumni were promised. Within days, two are dead and a crewman is found murdered in a lifeboat. Joe is charged with finding the killer before he can strike again. Thrown into the murky black market art world, Joe is forced ask the question: What’s more important? Catching the bad guys or preserving a culture’s heritage for posterity?

CM Jaguar Pyramid
Jaguar Pyramid